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Clean Up Your Business

Is the back end of your business messy & stressful?

Grab our "Clean House Checklist" TODAY!

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Are you stressed and overwhelmed with your business? Does the back end of your business operations need some serious help, but you have NO IDEA where to start?

 Then our 2-Hour Business Game Plan is for you! We will complete an overall audit of your business operations and give you action steps on how to optimize the biggest "pain point" in your business.


Harvest offers one-on-one Business Operations Consulting services to give you peace of mind by helping you to clean up your business operations so that you are spending less time and energy putting out "fires" and instead, enjoying the excitement of growing your business again.


At Harvest, we team up with others to acquire multi-family real estate properties, primarily in Utah state, that need a little bit of tender love and care. We work closely with our partners to keep them involved, regularly informed, and up to date on the exciting and excellent progress being made on our projects.

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Why did a father and daughter team up to take on transforming houses into homes? Because we see that a house or apartment is where a family makes a home. We are in the business of turning the rundown, that no one wants, into the beauty that everyone desires.

Steve envisions the properties’ potential. He has over 20 years of expertise in landscape and construction. He has purchased homes with no money down and renovated several properties. His top priority when considering a new investment is to follow a standard formula. The numbers determine if the property will be profitable. Steve is a visionary and can see the potential a property has. The transformation not only makes the place more livable, but it also improves and updates our communities here in Utah County and Salt Lake County. 

Christine takes this vision and creates a path from dream to reality. She sets up the structure so that everyone involved in the process knows “What’s Next?” Christine is our Business Operations expert. Christine is fascinated with transforming broken into beautiful through project management. 

She renovated her personal home and rental property and innovates to create more efficient business processes. Christine highly values the people in each business relationship.

Harvest Mission:

We create wealth as we transform houses into homes.

Harvest Vision:

All people can be wealthy as they follow the Law of the Harvest.

Harvest Values:

Creator, Integrity, Abundance, Community, and Gratitude

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"I really appreciate how action-oriented they are at Harvest because at the end of every meeting there were very clear steps I needed to do before the next meeting. They didn’t just say, “Here’s some information, see ya later!” They said, “Here are some action steps, here is exactly what we need to do and here is why.” Knowing exactly the practical steps to do and where to do it in the systems created for my business was amazing. Also, knowing that they were going to be there at the next meeting was so nice, and if I did get stuck on something they were there to help me figure that out. It was so nice to have a sounding board and someone to help me pull ideas out of my head. Working with Harvest was extremely helpful and I highly recommend working with them!"

3BR Accounting, Consulting Client

Bailey R.